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Krisztián Budai

My first project to premiered my Concerto for Congas. And next object to finished my hand percussion method book.
I have some long-term objectives, for example composing new percussion musics, recording, and teaching this musics to students, and other people. The biggest project is to accomplish the accreditation of hand percussion subject, than classical percussion, jazz drum, and folk rhythm instruments.

2007. - Secondary School of Arts Nyíregyháza, Home Music Competition, 1st place and Audience Award
2009. - UD-FM, 32. Brass, Percussion Event, Competition, 3rd place
2010. - UD-FM, BA Diploma, Percussion Performer
2012. - UD-FM, MA Diploma, Percussion Teacher
2012. - 1. Schlagwerk Cajon Award, 5th place
2020. - Foundation for the Culture of Debrecen's Creation Scholarship

Published works
1. Krisztián Budai: Langwana, Edition Svitzer, Denmark, score, 2015.
2. Krisztián Budai: Sounds of Langwana, author's edition, streaming music (EP), 2015.
3. Krisztián Budai: Traditions of Langwana, author's edition, streaming music (EP), 2018.
4. Krisztián Budai: Summon the Spirits, free download score, 2018.
5. Krisztián Budai: Seis y Siete, author's edition, streaming music (single), 2019.

Current jobs
since 2009 - EJAI Art School, Hajdúböszörmény, Percussion Teacher
since 2016 - Krxternational Dobsuli, Director, Percussion teacher
since 2017 - Ritmusdepo, Chief editor
since 2019 - MFG, music teacher

Current music bands
since 2017 - Traditions, instrumental percussion world music
since 2018 - Debreceni Perka Klub, art director

1. Langwana – own work
2. Gukhe – reinstrumentation an africal traditional music

Krisztián Budai had a degree in University of Debrecen, Faculty of Music by Percussion Teaching and Classical Percussion Performing in 2012. His main instrumental area is the hand-drums and hand-percussion's (conga, bongos, djembe, darbuka, cajon, etc.) world.
He get a scholarship in 2015 and 2019 to the Hungarian National Cultural Fund. The danish Edition Svitzer published his percussion chamber music, the Langwana in 2015. The Meinl Percussion's artist since 2015. The hand-percussion instruments are very important in his methods. He is the Chief-Editor of RitmusDepo's website since 2017. He got the Foundation for the Culture of Debrecen's Creation Scholarship in 2020.


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